Police recover two bodies from fields in Peshawar
Police recover two bodies from fields in Peshawar

Peshawar was the scene of a grim discovery as two lifeless bodies, bearing gunshot wounds, were found. The Daudzai police were alerted to the presence of these bodies in the village of Dagai Mulla Khan, near Shah Alam Pul (Bridge).

Swiftly responding to the report, the police arrived at the location, ensuring the bodies were transported to a hospital for post-mortem examinations. The deceased individuals have been identified as Sajjad, a resident of Dagai Mulla Khan, and Daud Jatti Bala.

According to both local sources and family accounts, both victims were allegedly involved in drug addiction and theft. Furthermore, Daudd had recently stolen a substantial sum of money from a close relative’s home.

It is suspected that a third party may have orchestrated the killing, possibly related to a dispute over the distribution of the stolen funds. An ongoing investigation seeks to shed light on these circumstances.

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The police’s investigative team, after collecting evidence such as spent shell casings and other pertinent items from the crime scene, has initiated a comprehensive inquiry, exploring various angles of the case.

Meanwhile, in the jurisdiction of the Chamkani police station, the police discovered the lifeless body of an unidentified woman. In response to this report, DSP Chamkani, Zahid Alam Khan, along with local law enforcement personnel, promptly arrived at the scene.

Regrettably, the woman’s identity remains unknown, as she possessed no identification documents, and there were no apparent signs of physical abuse or trauma.

The authorities are diligently collecting crucial evidence from the crime scene and arranging for a post-mortem examination at a hospital. The police have initiated an inquiry into this matter as well.

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