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E-cigarettes: The Modern Twist to Smoking Culture

Smoking is no longer just a habit; it's an old addiction replaced by openly sold e-cigarettes, boasting various flavors in markets.

by Naheed Jehangir - 12 Feb, 2024 1611

Innovation has touched every facet of our world, revolutionizing customs and lifestyles, including the seemingly mundane act of smoking. Recently, I attended a workshop hosted by a private organization, delving into the realm of e-cigarettes.

Contrary to my belief that smoking among today's youth is diminishing, it appears the landscape has shifted. Smoking is no longer just a habit; it's an old addiction replaced by openly sold e-cigarettes, boasting various flavors in markets.

A few years back, tobacco companies pledged to eradicate tobacco use, but instead, they seem to have reinvented their approach. E-cigarettes have become the new norm, a testament to the necessity of adapting to the ever-evolving business landscape.

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Tobacco companies assert that Pakistan has over 20 million smokers, while the World Health Organization reports a staggering 8 million global deaths annually due to smoking.

What is an e-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, devoid of tobacco, comprises nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.

Why the growing trend among the youth?

The World Health Organization urges nations to expedite measures against e-cigarette sales. Studies reveal that e-cigarette users globally fall within the 13 to 15 age bracket. The allure lies in the absence of the traditional cigarette smell, replaced by fragrant flavors. This deceptive quality allows young users to go undetected by elders and parents, fostering the misconception that their children are not smoking.

The lack of awareness about the drawbacks further contributes to the trend. Youngsters are often misled, believing in the harmlessness of nicotine, which only fuels their addiction.

Are e-cigarettes less harmful than tobacco cigarettes?

Some argue that e-cigarettes, containing nicotine, are less harmful. However, research contradicts this claim, exposing the potential for cancer, and fatal lung, and liver diseases associated with electronic cigarette use.

Alternatives to smoking

Former smokers justify their shift to e-cigarettes, claiming a cessation of smoking. Despite their assertions, these devices contain highly addictive nicotine, posing severe health risks.

Are there any regulations or laws regarding e-cigarettes?

In Pakistan, no legislation currently regulates e-cigarettes. However, recent rules restrict the sale of e-cigarettes in educational institutions, setting a minimum age limit of 20 for users. The absence of comprehensive laws raises concerns about the unchecked proliferation of this potentially harmful trend.