Mehrab Afridi

At the Torkham Border Zero Point, an Electronic Visa Verification System has been installed, which is expected to prevent the entry of individuals with counterfeit visas and put an end to human traffickers’ illicit activities.

Yasir Arafat, the Assistant Director of FIA, emphasized that this electronic visa verification system has been relocated from the arrival hall to the zero point. Its primary aim is to enhance the convenience of travelers coming to Pakistan from Afghanistan and ensure that individuals with fraudulent or falsified visas are unable to enter the country.

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Previously, Afghan nationals with counterfeit visas, along with human traffickers, exploited alternative routes to bypass the visa verification system situated at the Arewal Hall. By implementing the e-visa system at Zero Point, the authorities aim to curb visa fraud while expediting the entry process for legitimate travelers from Afghanistan.

Arafat further explained that passengers equipped with electronic visas will be able to undergo all necessary clearances smoothly at the zero point, avoiding unnecessary congestion. According to FIA, approximately 1,500 Afghans return to Afghanistan daily using their Tazkira, and about 2,000 individuals, including Pakistanis, enter Pakistan.