District Election Commissioner Khyber orchestrated a commemorative event for National Voter’s Day in Khyber Bara district, featuring student presentations including a tableau, a song, and speeches highlighting the significance of voting.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of voting, speakers underscored its status as a powerful tool for shaping government. They proclaimed the vote as a national trust, stressing the imperative for every citizen to exercise this right responsibly. The onus, they noted, rests not just with the Election Commission but with voters themselves. Through voting, citizens have the agency to select exemplary leadership.

Addressing the gathering, District Election Commissioner Shahid Ali assured attendees of the Election Commission’s readiness for upcoming elections, with the election schedule set for release in the coming days. Celebrating National Voter’s Day aimed to emphasize the importance and utility of voting, urging increased turnout by reaching every household. Commissioner Ali encouraged both men and women to voice their opinions through votes, shaping a collective future by making informed choices.

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Expressing respect for teachers, Ali announced efforts to appoint a presiding officer who is a teacher at each polling station. Additionally, plans were in place to facilitate transport for teachers on polling day. The distribution of certificates concluded the ceremony, honoring students who delivered impactful speeches, sang national songs, and performed skits.

The event drew significant participation from Deputy District Education Officer Khyber Misri Khan, Election Commissioner Khyber Shahid Ali, SS Wajid Khan Afridi, ADO Musharraf Khan, ASDO Bara, Abdul Wahab Afridi, along with Executive Director of Afridi Model School and College Abdul Wahab, Managing Director Jameel Afridi, Vice Principal Gulab Gul Afridi, and numerous teachers and students.