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Fatal Accidents Claim Six Lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A passenger jeep plunged into a ditch, leaving four dead and six injured, while a tourist vehicle accident on the motorway resulted in two fatalities and three injuries.
by TNN Editor - 05 Jul, 2023 1656

Four individuals, including a woman, lost their lives and six others sustained serious injuries when a passenger jeep veered off the road and fell into a deep ditch in the Tor Ghar district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to reports, the incident occurred as the driver of the jeep, carrying guests from Karachi to Kalash village, lost control while navigating a dangerous turn. The tragic accident claimed the lives of four individuals and left six others severely injured.

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Upon receiving news of the accident, local residents swiftly arrived at the scene and assisted in the transportation of the deceased and injured to the nearby hospital. Following initial medical aid, the injured were further transferred to hospitals in Abbottabad and Battagram for additional treatment.

In a separate incident, a vehicle carrying tourists from Kohat to Hunza encountered an accident on the Charsadda Motorway, resulting in the loss of two lives and leaving three individuals injured.

Preliminary details indicate that the accident occurred due to a tire explosion, causing the vehicle to veer off the highway. Tragically, Shahzad and Zeeshan were pronounced dead at the scene.

The three injured individuals have been promptly transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.