Ghulam Akbar Marwat

In the Nandoor area of Tank, floodwaters have inundated homes, catching residents off guard. In response, the local community has rallied together to initiate relief efforts.

Zohaib, a local resident, points to climate change as a contributing factor to the sudden floods that often plague Tank, leading to significant challenges for the populace.

Speaking to TNN, Zohaib Kundi shared that Tank has been grappling with flooding for the past year. Frequently, the floodwaters target the Circle Kandyan area. Today, Circle Kandyan in the Tank District finds itself once again battling the deluge.

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The floodwaters have encroached upon the Nandoor village, breaching safety embankments. As of now, district administration officials and rescue teams have yet to arrive for assistance.

He further expressed concern that numerous areas, including Pai Village, are now at risk of flooding. Pai had endured the devastating impact of floods last year, leading to the destruction of 60 to 70 percent of its housing structures. Consequently, thousands of Pai residents were left homeless.

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