Nisar Betani

Professor Tayyab Qadir from Gomal University’s English Department has been suspended, pending the completion of an inquiry into alleged harassment.

Details reveal that the suspension came in response to harassment complaints, with the formation of an inquiry committee. Notably, Gomal University has been marred by previous harassment cases involving several professors.

Now, more harassment complaints have arisen, specifically against lecturer Tayyab Qadir, who was suspended due to these allegations.

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Sources indicate that the suspended lecturer was previously implicated in a harassment case in the Professor Colony of Gomal University a few months ago. This incident stirred significant controversy, yet the matter gradually faded from public attention.

In light of the recent harassment case that has sparked considerable public outrage, there is a growing demand for transparency. Many are calling for the publication of the inquiry committee’s report, as it would provide a better understanding of the actual facts surrounding the case.