Rafiullah Khan

In the Skhara area of Swat Matta, a man named Abdul Wali has committed a gruesome act by slaughtering his wife for unknown reasons. Shockingly, the accused also inflicted knife wounds on his three-year-old son, who has been rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

The Kalakot police swiftly apprehended Abdul Wali, who had also harmed himself during the tragic incident. Police suspect that the accused may be mentally unstable, prompting a thorough investigation at the crime scene to gather evidence.

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This horrifying incident brings to mind a similar tragedy that occurred in April of this year in Saidu Sharif, Swat, where four people, including three women, lost their lives due to gunfire. The incident was a result of a domestic dispute, and the son-in-law was responsible for the killings.

According to the Saidu Sharif police station, the tragic event took place in the remote hilly area of Bab e Sira. The daughter of a man named Sahib Raz was married to the accused, Saifullah. Following marital conflicts, the wife returned to her parent’s home, which further aggravated Saifullah’s anger, leading to the unforgivable act.

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