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Health Hub for Mothers and Children Opens in Tangi, Charsadda

The center aims to provide first aid, diagnostic services, and maternity facilities for pregnant women.
by TNN Editor - 11 Nov, 2023 1632

Rifaqatullah Razarwal

Federal Caretaker Minister for Health, Dr. Nadeem Jan, inaugurated a medical center dedicated to the health of mothers and children in Tangi, a remote area of Charsadda tehsil. The center aims to provide first aid, diagnostic services, and maternity facilities for pregnant women.

The local community in Tehsil Tangi welcomed the initiative but emphasized the urgent need for doctors, additional staff, and enhanced facilities given the tehsil's substantial population.

Tangi tehsil, situated in the Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, primarily comprises rural areas and lacks a government medical center with satisfactory facilities for maternal and child health. While there is a THQ hospital in Tehsil Tangi, it often experiences high patient influx, and major hospitals are located at a considerable distance of 30 to 50 km from the tehsil.

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The absence of nearby medical centers with appropriate facilities poses significant risks to pregnant women in Tehsil Tangi, often leading to complications for both mother and child during transit.

Residents express optimism that the newly inaugurated Mother and Children Health Unit Center will address maternal health issues effectively, saving both time and public funds. Dr. Waseullah, the Medical Superintendent of Tehsil Tangi Headquarters Hospital, highlighted the center's activation, featuring a recovery room, labor room, family planning services for pregnant women, and separate offices for LHVs and doctors. The facility is equipped with an electric generator and an ambulance.

The project, costing one crore rupees, received support from the government and the World Health Organization. While certain amenities such as a pharmacy, X-ray room, and laboratory are pending, Dr. Waseh assures their imminent availability.

Dr. Waseh indicates that the hospital has not appointed specific staff for this project; instead, existing staff from a completed project have been assigned. The Minister of Health has reportedly assured continuous support, aiming to transform the center into a hospital that operates 24/7, requiring at least five gynecologists and additional staff.

Local journalist Riaz ul Haque notes the positive impact on pregnant women, who previously sought treatment at THQ, now benefiting from dedicated facilities. However, he raises concerns about the broader healthcare needs of the population, including diseases like cancer, hepatitis, kidney, and heart disease. The Federal Minister has acknowledged these concerns but addressing them presents a substantial challenge.

With a population exceeding 18 lakh people, of which 49% are women, Charsadda district has only one major hospital for maternal and child health. Residents call upon the federal minister to establish specialized hospitals for women in every tehsil of Charsadda district, ensuring accessible medical facilities for the community.