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Heartbreaking Tragedy: 9-Year-Old Boy's Life Cut Short

Swift action was taken by the police, leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible for this shocking crime.
by TNN Editor - 15 Aug, 2023 1625

Aftab Mohmand

The peaceful town of Banda Mulla Khan in the Nowshera district was rocked by a heart-wrenching incident as a 9-year-old boy named Hamid Mehmood lost his life by hanging. Swift action was taken by the police, leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible for this shocking crime.

Janas Khan, the grieving grandfather of young Hamid Mehmood, shared the unfortunate sequence of events. He highlighted that it's common for children in the neighborhood to engage in playful squabbles and minor disputes, which are often resolved quickly, and the children continue to play together.

In this case, a minor altercation occurred between his grandsons and the children of neighbors Hashim and Habib. Adults intervened to settle the matter, and peace was established at the Akbar Pura police station.

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Tragedy struck when Hamid Mehmood disappeared suddenly after stepping out of his home the previous day. An urgent search was launched, and during the investigation, it was revealed that Hamid had been taken by Waseem, Naeemullah, and Rokhan.

They allegedly took his life and abandoned his body in a nearby field. Janas Khan described the horrific scene, detailing the signs of violence inflicted upon the child's body, including marks from a Kalashnikov butt and a noose around his neck.

Janas Khan raised a pertinent question – if the conflict stemming from a children's dispute had seemingly been resolved through police intervention, why did it escalate to the tragic killing of a young child?

Hamid Mehmood was a diligent third-grade student who also attended a local seminary. Despite their humble circumstances, his father Asif Mahmood worked tirelessly to provide for his family in their modest two-marla home.

Janas Khan expressed his satisfaction with the swift response of the Nowshera police, hoping that justice would be served, and the culprits would face the full weight of the law.

The Akbar Pura police confirmed the registration of a case based on the report filed by Asif Mahmood, Hamid Mehmood's father. DSP Pabi Shafi ur Rahman Khan and SHO Akbar Pura Naik Sar Ali are leading an investigation team to unravel the truth behind this tragic incident.

In a significant development, the investigative team managed to apprehend the individuals named in the FIR, Waseem (son of Hashim) and Rokhan (son of Habib), both residents of Banda Mulla Khan. The accused initially denied their involvement in the crime, but the investigation continues from various angles to ascertain the full details of the case.