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Inquiry Recommends Dismissal of District Education Officer Amid Allegations of Illegal Recruitment

by Rifaqatullah Razarwal - 09 May, 2024 1979

Following a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged illegal recruitment of 74 employees during the caretaker government in Charsadda, a committee has proposed the removal of the District Education Officer (Female) from her position.

However, the DEO Education (Female), Surraiya Khattak, vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that she had not engaged in any recruitment during the caretaker government. She accused the former DEO (Female) of orchestrating a smear campaign against her and reserved the right to pursue legal action in court.

A two-member investigation committee found DEO (Female) Surraiya Khattak, Accountant Mazhar Khan, and Clerk Sajjad Ali culpable of violating regulations in employee recruitment. The committee recommended their immediate removal to facilitate a thorough probe into the alleged irregularities.

The committee's report, submitted to the Director of Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Samina Altaf, highlighted discrepancies in the recruitment process during the caretaker government. It recommended further investigation, urging the suspension and removal of the implicated individuals to prevent data manipulation.

According to the report, the DEO (Female) exhibited a lack of transparency in record-keeping, leading to substantial financial losses. Moreover, discrepancies were noted in the appointment dates and salary disbursements of the recruited employees, indicating procedural irregularities.

The committee unanimously called for a comprehensive inquiry into all recruitments during the tenure of the DEO (Female), citing consistent suspicions of wrongdoing. Director of Education Samina Altaf affirmed that legal action would be pursued in line with the committee's recommendations.

In response, DEO (Female) Surraiya Khattak refuted the allegations, alleging ulterior motives on the part of committee member Sobia Tabassum. Khattak maintained that Tabassum's recommendation for her removal stemmed from personal ambitions rather than legitimate concerns.

Khattak clarified that she had requested an inquiry conducted by a Grade 19 female officer, as she believed Tabassum lacked the authority to investigate her. She emphasized her right to seek redress through legal channels against what she perceived as a targeted defamation campaign in the media.