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After the conclusion of the Gandhara Symposium 2023 in Islamabad, ambassadors, intellectuals, and Buddhists from various countries, including Sri Lanka, South Korea, and China, visited the historic archaeological site of Takht Bhai in Mardan.

Federal Minister for Minority Affairs, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, highlighted the significance of tourism as a vital contributor to the country’s development and prosperity in the modern era, emphasizing its potential as a profitable industry.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar stated that the current government is actively taking measures to promote tourism and enhance the overall experience for visitors.

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Following the conclusion of the Gandhara Symposium 2023, attendees had the opportunity to explore the Takht Bhai archaeological site in the company of experts from the Department of Archaeology and Assistant Commissioner Takht Bhai, Gul Nawaz Afridi.

The Federal Minister highlighted the global recognition of Pakistan’s ancient archaeology, with the historical ruins of Takht Bhai being designated as a World Heritage Site in 1980-81. This prestigious status has attracted the interest of Buddhists from around the world, who consider it an invaluable heritage site.

During their visit, the group leader of the foreign delegation, along with other guests, expressed great admiration for the architectural brilliance and rich historical significance of Takht Bhai. They commended the Government of Pakistan for its concrete efforts in safeguarding and preserving this remarkable monument.

Upon their arrival at Takht Bhai, Assistant Commissioner Gul Nawaz Afridi warmly welcomed the delegation and extended hospitality throughout their visit. Both male and female followers and devotees of Buddhism had the opportunity to explore the various archaeological sites and partake in religious rituals, immersing themselves in the spiritual atmosphere of the location.

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