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Government Allocates Funds for Various Departments in Detailed Budget Breakdown

Government releases 15 billion rupees for development expenses across multiple departments, with detailed budget breakdown.
by TNN Editor - 07 Jul, 2023 1601

Muhammad Faheem

The provincial government has disbursed the first installment of 15 billion rupees out of the allocated funds of 43 billion 33 crores 33 lakh 33 thousand rupees for the development expenses of 35 departments over a period of four months.

The Finance Department has approved the estimates, allocating 396.3 million rupees for the Agriculture Department, 71.5 million rupees for Awqaf, Hajj, and Minority Affairs, 167.3 million rupees for the Board of Revenue and Water Resources, 774.5 million rupees for sanitation, 846.6 million rupees for the Elementary Education Department, 414.9 million rupees for Energy and Power, 2.8 million rupees for the Environment Department, 44.6 million rupees for the Administrative Affairs Department, Excise and Taxation, and Narcotics Control, 16.8 million rupees for Food Department, 2.7 million rupees for the Finance Department, and 26 million rupees for the Food Department.

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Similarly, the allocation for various departments includes 274 million rupees for the Forest Department, 1 billion 45 crores 48 lakh rupees for the Health Department, 58 crores 80 lakh rupees for Higher Education, 20 crores 29 lakh rupees for the Interior Department, 5 crores 73 lakh rupees for Housing, 21 crores 30 lakh rupees for the Industry Department, and 40 lakh rupees for the Information Department.

The Labor Department has been allocated 1 crore 25 lakh rupees, the Law Department 14 crore 31 lakh rupees, the Livestock Department 27 crore 59 lakh rupees, the Local Government Department 21 crore 43 lakh rupees, and the Mineral Department 2 crore 27 lakh rupees.

The Multi-Sector Development has received an allocation of 2 billion 50 crore 68 lakh rupees, the Population Welfare Department 5 crore 52 lakh rupees, Public-Private Partnership 93 lakh 56 thousand rupees, Rehabilitation and Resettlement 20 crore 12 lakh rupees, and Construction and Communication 2 billion 79 crore rupees.

Science and Information Technology has been allocated 12 crore 73 lakh rupees, Social Welfare 8 crore 79 lakh rupees, Sports and Youth Affairs 59 crore 13 lakh rupees, Tourism and Culture 39 crore 40 lakh rupees, Transport 93 lakh rupees, Urban Development 82 crore 50 lakh rupees. Additionally, 5 crore 59 lakh rupees have been allocated for the Urban Policy Unit and 1 billion 10 crore 96 lakh rupees for Irrigation.

According to the Finance Department, the released funds must be utilized in accordance with the agreed-upon procedures and can only be spent on items and activities specified in the administrative sanction, as per the approved PC One. The funds cannot be used for any other purpose.

The Finance Department has recommended that priority should be given to allocating funds for salaries, utilities-based expenses, counterpart funding schemes, schemes with completed physical work, firm liabilities, and other schemes deemed appropriate by the respective administrative departments.