KP announces names of 24 students from Tribal districts to get free education

In a recent press release from the Department of Primary and Secondary Education, it was revealed that over the past year, a remarkable achievement was made with the enrollment of 1.68 million students into government schools. Moreover, an impressive 275,000 students made the transition from private to government schools.

The Department of Primary and Secondary Education highlighted the annual vigorous admission campaign, which saw the collaboration of department officials and civil society. A significant triumph for government schools during this campaign was the migration of 275,000 students from private institutions to government ones, demonstrating newfound confidence in public education.

Official data indicates that a total of 6.35 million male and female students are currently attending 34,305 schools across the province. This includes 1.68 million students newly enrolled since September of the previous year. Additionally, 55,000 students have been accommodated in 1,202 second-shift schools, and 46,000 male and female students are benefiting from quality education across 1,378 Alternate Learning Pathways Centers throughout the province.

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Furthermore, the Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation has played a crucial role in promoting non-formal education, currently catering to 305,000 students. Despite challenging economic conditions, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government allocated a budget of PKR 97.50 billion for planned areas and merged districts in the last four months, underscoring the significance of the education sector.

The Education Department distributed checks worth PKR 243 million to the top 20 position holders of all boards through the “Stoori Da Pakhtunkhwa” scholarship initiative. An additional 253 students received scholarships through the ETEA Scholarship program, with scholarships totaling PKR 175 million granted to 7,000 students via the Rahmat ul Alameen Scholarship.

In line with the department’s commitment to quality education, actions are being taken against school administrators associated with institutions that have produced unsatisfactory results. The Department of Education has also prioritized professional development, providing training and workshops for 105,000 teachers over the past few years, alongside an induction program that benefited 27,000 teachers.

To ensure comprehensive monitoring, the Education Monitoring Authority was strengthened to establish a province-wide monitoring system. Legal measures have been taken against those responsible for unsatisfactory performance and violations of rules and regulations in the education sector.