Lakki Marwat police successfully apprehended Sadar Khan, the primary suspect in the Takhti Khel tragedy. The arrest took place as the accused attempted to flee Punjab and was captured at Gundi Chowk.

Tariq Habib, DPO Lakki Marwat, shared this information during a press conference, revealing that three other facilitators were also involved, and efforts are underway to apprehend them.

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Habib provided details of the incident, stating that between the night of January 4 and 5, the victims were killed with a sharp instrument while in a state of intoxication induced by drugged rice. The police received information about the incident on the morning of January 10.

During the press conference, the police presented the accused before the media. In a confession, Sadar Khan revealed that the motive behind the crime was related to a family dispute. The girl from the deceased family had married his son, who was staying at her parents’ house due to discord. This conflict prompted the accused to take drastic actions.