The repatriation of Afghan citizens residing illegally in Pakistan continues at a significant pace. According to Afghan Commissionerate sources, a staggering 19,344 Afghan citizens made their way back to Afghanistan via Torkham in the past 24 hours.

The dedicated staff at the holding center in NADRA gathered essential data on these individuals who were returning to their home country.

In a comprehensive overview provided by the Afghan Commissionerate, it is reported that 147,949 Afghan citizens have been repatriated to Afghanistan in the last month alone. Notably, 17,118 people from various regions across the country were transferred to the Landi Kotal Holding Center on the previous day.

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This includes 2,530 Afghans from Punjab province, 2,330 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 536 from Islamabad, 103 from Azad Kashmir, and 151 from Sindh province. A combined total of 17,118 Afghan citizens from different regions were transported to the temporary camp in Landi Kotal.

It is essential to highlight that the deadline for illegally residing foreigners to depart from Pakistan concluded on November 1. As per official sources, Afghan nationals who were residing illegally have been granted the opportunity to enter Afghanistan through the Torkham border after completing the necessary registration process at the Khyber’s Landi Kotal entry point camp.