In a harrowing incident in Mir Ali tehsil, North Waziristan, police have discovered five lifeless bodies, victims of unknown assailants who struck during the night.

Four of the deceased were found in Mir Ali Bazar, while another individual from Karak fell victim to a fatal shooting in a separate incident. Due to the absence of identity cards, the remaining victims remain unidentified. The bodies have been transported to Mir Ali Headquarters Hospital for post-mortem examinations.

Upon receiving the distressing report, the police swiftly arrived at the scene, launching an immediate investigation. Local elders report the presence of a pick-up truck laden with vegetables and a Mazda car adjacent to the bodies.

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This incident follows closely on the heels of the discovery of six murdered barbers in Mir Ali, a somber event that sent shockwaves through the region. The victims, all barbers by profession, operated shops in Mir Ali Bazar.

Additionally, recent events in North Waziristan have witnessed the abduction of eight non-local laborers from Spinwam Tehsil. These individuals, reportedly employees of Mari Petroleum Company engaged in constructing security checkposts, fell prey to unknown abductors.