In a grim turn of events, six hairdressers were discovered dead in the Mosaki area of Mir Ali, North Waziristan, each a victim of gunshot wounds. Shockingly, all the victims hailed from Punjab.

These individuals, identified as barbers with shops in Mir Ali Bazar, fell prey to unknown assailants during the dark hours of the night. The lifeless bodies were promptly transported to Mir Ali Hospital, and an ongoing police investigation is actively seeking answers.

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This tragic incident follows closely on the heels of the recent abduction of eight non-local laborers from Tehsil Spinwam in North Waziristan. The laborers, reportedly taken from Shashi village, were engaged in constructing security checkposts.

According to local sources, these workers were associated with Mari Petroleum Company, with five originating from Lakki Marwat district and three from South Waziristan. The unsettling events in the region demand thorough scrutiny and investigation by law enforcement.