Zeeshan Kakakhel

In light of recent violent incidents, on May 9, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), police operations are ongoing in various areas of the province to apprehend the named individuals involved in these incidents.

The Home Department has prepared a detailed report, highlighting the accused and their involvement in the violent events, which has been submitted to the government. Currently, numerous accused, including the main perpetrators and facilitators, are being held in different jails across the province, with 34 individuals handed over to a military court.

According to the Home Department’s report, a total of 1,160 accused have been released on bail throughout the province, while 214 individuals managed to evade arrest by obtaining pre-arrest bail.

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The report further reveals that a staggering 9,485 people have been named in relation to the incidents on May 9, with 8,417 individuals listed as unknown. In Abbottabad, the Anti-Terrorism Court has referred 3 suspects to the Military Court, while 20 accused have been released after arrest. The police in Abbottabad are actively seeking 25 wanted accusing under various sections.

Moreover, the anti-terrorism court has transferred 10 individuals to the military court, while 28 accused have secured release after obtaining pre-arrest bail. Additionally, 1,443 accused are currently wanted by the police under different sections, with efforts underway to apprehend them. Many of the accused are believed to be in hiding to evade arrest.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Terrorism Court in Dera Ismail Khan is also pursuing 75 unidentified accused who have been nominated. Similar to Bannu, none of the accused are currently under police custody in this case.

As per the report, 106 suspects are currently in police custody in Lower Dir, while 319 have been released. Furthermore, 14 accused have been handed over to the military court. However, the police are still searching for 5,148 unidentified individuals in relation to these incidents.

In ATC Kohat, 183 accused have been released after arrest, while 213 individuals were released prior to arrest. The total number of unidentified accused stands at 1,600. ATC Kohat has also referred 7 accused to the military court.

Similarly, 180 accused have been released from the anti-terrorism court in Mardan, with an additional 700 unidentified accused named. In the provincial capital of Peshawar, only two accused are currently in police custody, and no accused have been referred to a military court.

In Swat, 8 unidentified accused have been named under different provisions, with none of them under police custody or referred to a military court.

A total of 34 cases from four districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been transferred from the ATC to the military court. This includes 7 cases from Mardan, 14 from Dir, 10 from Bannu, and 3 from Abbottabad.

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