Rawalpindi: The Pakistan Army successfully thwarted a terrorist attack on the Pakistan Air Force Training Airbase in Mianwali, eliminating all nine militants during a decisive clearance operation.

As reported by the Inter-Services Public Relations Department (ISPR) of the Pakistan Army, the terrorists launched an attempted assault on the Mianwali Training Airbase in the early hours of the day. In response, the Pakistan Army promptly and effectively engaged the terrorists, preventing any damage to the airbase.

According to ISPR, three terrorists were neutralized as a result of the swift action taken by the Pakistan Army. The security forces also managed to safeguard the assets, although three grounded aircraft and a fuel bowser sustained damage during the operation.

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ISPR further informed that a comprehensive joint clearance and combing operation was conducted, leading to the elimination of all nine terrorists. Following the failed attack on the airbase, a thorough clearance operation was extended to the surrounding areas.

Notably, no operational assets of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) were harmed in the attack. While three grounded aircraft sustained minor damage, all of them were non-operational.

It’s essential to mention that a day earlier, 14 soldiers were martyred in a terrorist attack on security forces’ vehicles in the Pasni area of Balochistan.

ISPR emphasized that the professional and rapid conclusion of this operation serves as a reminder to those who seek to disrupt peace. It underscores that Pakistan’s armed forces are unwavering and fully equipped to defend the homeland against any threats.