In a disturbing incident in Peshawar, unidentified assailants opened fire in broad daylight, resulting in the death of one student and injury to another.

Haseeb, the injured student, informed the police that he and his cousin Danish were chatting by the riverbank when two individuals approached and fired upon them, leaving both wounded. Tragically, Danish succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital.

Dawoodzai police station filed a report under sections 302 and 324, initiating a search for the perpetrators. Police asserted that neither mobile snatching nor robbery was the motive, as the students did not possess mobile phones at the time.

According to Moharrar Qamar, the deceased Danish was a 10th-grade student at Warsak Model School in Tehsil Shabqadar, Charsadda district, aged between 17 and 18. The incident report, filed by Haseeb, awaits the arrest of the accused.

Meanwhile, Peshawar University students protested on University Road, labeling the incident as mobile snatching and demanding enhanced student security, along with the swift apprehension of the culprits. The killing has instilled fear among students, emphasizing the need for protective measures.

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Crime reporter Tariq Waheed highlighted the deteriorating law and order situation in Peshawar, attributing it to the city’s growing population and the insufficient resources of the police force. Waheed stressed the importance of updated policies and increased law enforcement capabilities to address the rising crime rate.

Waheed expressed concerns about the underutilization of Safe City cameras, pointing out that, despite seven years since its inception, the system has not been effectively activated to swiftly catch criminals. While the Safe City Project exists in other provinces, its practical implementation in Peshawar has been limited, hindering crime prevention efforts.

This incident follows the October 11 killing of Hasan Tariq, a student of Edward College, during a mobile phone snatching on Peshawar’s Mufti Mahmood Flyover, revealing ongoing security challenges in the city.