In a shocking incident in the sub-division Bettani of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ghaniullah, a dedicated polio observer, was brutally murdered.

According to Ismail Khan, SHO Azad Khel Bettani, Ghaniullah, who hails from Farid Khel, went missing yesterday evening after fulfilling his duties in the anti-polio campaign.

Local social worker and Awami National Party leader Akhtar Gul Bettani revealed that the discovery of Ghaniullah’s body in the morning sent shockwaves through the area. The 20-year-old observer had not only been stabbed to death but also suffered a brutal throat-slashing with a sharp knife.

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Ghaniullah’s father, known for his public service in the region and former governor, had earned a place in the hearts of the people. Former Nazim Shaukat Khan, the president of Awami National Party FR Bettani, expressed concern as an FIR had not been registered yet.

Waliullah Bettani, a local public leader, affirmed their determination to protest until the perpetrators are brought to justice. A large group of protesters carried Ghaniullah’s body to District Complex Town Tajazai, staging a demonstration by placing the body on the road.

The protest aimed to draw the attention of the Deputy Commissioner, District Police Officer, and other district offices located in the District Town Complex. The community demands swift action against the killers.