Munir Khan, a devoted social activist from Lakki Marwat, has tirelessly contributed to eco-friendly initiatives for the past four years. His journey began during his service in the Frontier Constabulary, where, as a training Subedar, he planted 20,000 trees in a decade during his off-duty hours.

After retiring in 2020, Khan set an ambitious goal of planting 200,000 trees. Remarkably, he has surpassed this target, having planted 218,800 saplings. Recognizing the scale of environmental challenges, Khan expanded his vision, collecting one million seeds with the help of 300 students, including varieties like Bakain, Indian rosewood, Berry, and acacia.

In a recent interview with TNN, Khan shared that 500,000 peach and Indian rosewood seeds were planted along the Karam River from February 1st to 15th. An additional 500,000 seeds were handed over for planting along the CPEC route. His ongoing project involves planting 50,000 Indian Rosewood and Bikain seeds alongside the Marwat Canal.

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Khan emphasized that his commitment extends to a spring plantation campaign, targeting an additional 50,000 saplings, including shade and fruit trees. Operating under his NGO, ‘Sarsabz o Shadab’ Welfare Organization Lakki Marwat, Khan’s initiatives not only promote eco-friendliness but also philanthropy. The organization aids the less privileged on the tehsil level and engages in district-level environmental activities.

The organization’s notable achievements include planting 20,000 guava saplings under the Fruit for All program and establishing a reforestation initiative with two lakh native shade trees. Munir Khan highlighted the significance of planting native trees in restoring ecosystems and attracting native birds.

Beyond tree planting, Khan’s organization provides first aid training to 2500 students and civil society members. Their diverse programs cover environmental conservation, home gardening, the development of medicinal plants, and efforts to reduce plastic pollution. The School Health Program, initiated in 2020, educates students on the importance of cleanliness.

Munir Khan, currently serving as the Director of Physical Education in a private educational institution, hails from the village of Muslim Bagh in Tehsil Sarai Norang of Lakki Marwat. His multi-faceted initiatives showcase a commitment to a greener and healthier community.