In a delayed commencement, newly elected members of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly gathered to take their oaths, commencing the new term. The swearing-in session initiated almost two hours behind schedule and saw 115 Provincial Assembly members participating. Presided over by Speaker Mushtaq Ghani, the session began with prayers for the deceased and martyrs.

Amidst the proceedings, Sobia Shahid, an activist from the Muslim League (N), created a stir by displaying a watch to the assembly members. Despite disruptions, including throwing a ball pen and lota, Sobia continued to draw attention to the clock.

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The Election Commission has released notifications for 110 general and 5 women seats, with pending notifications for 21 reserved seats for women, 4 for minorities, and 3 general seats. Postponed elections in Bajaur and Kohat due to the death of candidates add to the uncertainty.

The upcoming schedule includes the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker on Thursday, followed by the Chief Minister’s election on Friday. The delayed start hints at a potentially eventful term for the newly sworn-in members of the KP Assembly.