In the Badaber region of Peshawar, a heated political argument between a father and son took a tragic turn, resulting in the father fatally shooting his son.

Preliminary details indicate that the dispute erupted within the jurisdiction of the Badaber police station, Agarkhel, over the son, Atta-ur-Rehman, allegedly disregarding parental advice. Enraged by the disagreement, the father, Noor-ur-Rehman, resorted to violence, leading to the tragic death of his son.

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Upon receiving the report, DSP Badaber Ziaullah Khan, along with SHO Nasir Farid Khattak and investigating officers, promptly arrived at the scene. The authorities took custody of the body and transported it for post-mortem examination. Efforts are underway to apprehend the accused.

Sources suggest that the conflict arose when the son raised a PTI flag at their residence, provoking the father to the point of committing the heinous act. It is noteworthy that the deceased’s father is reportedly affiliated with the Awami National Party (ANP).