In Bajaur, general elections slated for February 8 witnessed a shift after the murder of independent candidate Rehan Zeb Khan.

The elections for the National Assembly (NA-8) and Provincial Assembly (PK-22) seats have been postponed, leaving three provincial assembly seats in contention: PK-19 Mamund, PK-20 Salarzai, and PK-21 Utman Khel, with 34 candidates remaining.

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Just days before the polls, strategic alliances emerge as three candidates withdraw in favor of others. Syed Rahim, nominated by ‘Mazloom Olasi Tehreek’ on PK-19, supports Khalid Khan.

Engineer Hazoor, PPP leader and independent candidate, backs PPP nominee Shakeel Khan. Independent candidate Mumtaz Jan (Arang) withdraws on PK-21 in favor of PTI’s Engineer Ajmal Khan. Analysts suggest these withdrawals may impact the candidates’ standings positively.

This development follows the recent tragic death of Rehan Zeb Khan, characterized as a targeted killing by District Police Officer Kashif Zulfiqar. The electoral landscape in Bajaur undergoes notable changes as alliances shape the political dynamics leading up to the polls.