Swat: A restaurant worker, allegedly worried about the rising inflation, committed suicide in the main city of Swat.

According to local shopkeepers, Muhammad Ishaq, an employee of Akbari Cafe, committed suicide by climbing a pole in Haji Baba Chowk of Mengura city.

The eyewitnesses say, Muhammad Ishaq suddenly climbed the electric pole and fell to the ground after being electrocuted. After the incident, Rescue 1122 reached the spot and shifted the body to Saidu Sharif Hospital.

Local shopkeepers say, Mohammad Ishaq had tried to climb the electric pole a day ago, but people stopped him to do so, while it seems that he was forced to take this step due to the crushing inflation.

In this regard, when his uncle and father-in-law Bakht Ahmed was contacted, he refused to comment upon this tragic event, while according to eyewitnesses, the family tried to hide the incident by calling Muhammad Ishaq a mental patient.

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