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Survivors Recount Horror: Bajaur Blast Aftermath

Farhad Ali, who suffered injuries in the tragic blast, is currently receiving medical treatment at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar.
by TNN Editor - 31 Jul, 2023 1596

Naheed Jehangir

In the scorching heat, a massive crowd had gathered at the venue to listen to political leaders' speeches. Among them was Farhad Ali from Bajaur, who never anticipated the horror that would unfold moments later. As the bomb exploded, chaos engulfed the scene, with smoke and screams filling the air. The explosion took a heavy toll, leaving many injured and lifeless bodies scattered around.

Farhad Ali, who suffered injuries in the tragic blast, is currently receiving medical treatment at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. Recalling the harrowing incident, he shared his ordeal of initially being rushed to a nearby hospital, which quickly became overwhelmed due to the large number of casualties. Consequently, he was transferred to LRH, where medical care was better equipped to handle the situation.

Heartbroken and in tears, Farhad's uncle recounted how he was unable to attend the workers' convention despite being invited. When the explosion occurred, he was working in the fields near his home when his younger daughter conveyed the horrific news. Hurriedly, he rushed to the site only to discover the devastating loss of two family members and another injured.

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Beside Farhad, another survivor named Shah Hussain lay in the hospital bed. He was unconscious at the time of the blast and only regained consciousness to find his companions either dead or wounded. He remained too traumatized to share further details about the incident.

Meanwhile, outside the recovery room at Lady Reading Hospital, two women offered tearful gratitude to God. One woman's brother and the other's husband had sustained injuries in the blast. Both were anxious to reach the hospital upon hearing the news but were prevented from coming earlier by their families. The night felt unbearably long, and they finally reached the hospital early in the morning, hoping for their loved ones' recovery.

As the injured continued to be shifted throughout the night, Lady Reading Hospital's spokesperson, Mohammad Asim, reported that 16 injured individuals from the Bajaur blast were under treatment at the facility. Among them, four underwent laparotomy to save their lives, while one remained in critical condition in the ICU.

Furthermore, Dr. Riaz Anwar, Advisor to the Provincial Minister of Health, stated that a total of 67 injured from the Bajaur blast were receiving treatment in various hospitals in Peshawar. Six of them were in serious condition, while over 60 individuals had been discharged after receiving initial aid.

The tragedy unfolded during the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) workers' convention in Bajaur, resulting in 54 fatalities and over 150 injuries. Authorities are investigating the incident, and the nation mourns the loss of lives and prays for the swift recovery of the injured.