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Swat Police Release Brothers Held in Custody for Six Days

This development comes shortly after TNN reported their disappearance, prompting swift action.
by TNN Editor - 26 Oct, 2023 1642

Rafiullah Khan

The police have released two brothers who were held in custody for six days in Swat. This development comes shortly after TNN reported their disappearance, prompting swift action.

Yasin, one of the released brothers, recounted his ordeal to TNN, revealing that Banr police arrested them on theft charges. He claimed that his arrest was unjust, based on allegations made by the handicraft shop owner where he worked.

The brothers described their harrowing experience of being detained in a police station for a couple of days before being transferred to a hotel room, where they were subjected to torture and electrocution. They were even taken to the Swat River at night and forcefully submerged.

Yasin, with a distressed expression, mentioned that on one occasion, they were made to stand all night with wet clothes, which led to sickness and vomiting. It was only when he became extremely unwell that the police allowed him to sit down.

Additionally, they disclosed that the police coerced them into making false confession videos, further compounding their ordeal.

Yasin stated that while they were in the hotel room near the police station, they were taken through the roof as there were no CCTV cameras to monitor their movements.

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Remarkably, during the six days of their captivity, no FIR (First Information Report) was registered, and they were not officially detained. It was only after the news of their situation reached the media and public attention that they were released, with an assurance that they would be presented in court under section 107.

Irfan, the elder brother, expressed gratitude to TNN, acknowledging that their release would not have happened if their story hadn't been brought to light. He revealed that after hearing about his younger brother's arrest, he rushed back from Lahore to be with him, only to end up in detention himself. Throughout their six days in custody, they experienced harsh treatment, including verbal abuse.

Irfan further explained that during the police raid on their house, a gold ring, 22,000 rupees in cash, and a mobile phone were seized. While the ring was returned and 16,000 rupees repaid, the remaining 6,000 rupees and the mobile phone are still in possession of the investigating officer, pending settlement.

Upon their release, the police allegedly approached them in a private vehicle, issuing threats and instructing them to retract their previous statements made in the media. Irfan disclosed that SHO Jahan Alam had coerced him into recording a video statement that contradicted his mother's earlier testimony.

The brothers have appealed to the DPO Swat, DIG Malakand Region, and IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for protection and justice.

In response, TNN sought SHO Jahan Alam's perspective on the matter, but he declined to comment, citing his recent transfer to the Ghalige police station.

It's important to note that Swat has experienced an upsurge in theft and robbery incidents, raising concerns about the efficacy of law enforcement. Recent incidents in busy markets such as Saidu Sharif, Posh, and Mingora have posed a challenge to the police's effectiveness.

Reports suggest that street crimes akin to those in Karachi have emerged in Saidu Sharif, with motorcyclists snatching mobile phones from people and purses from women. Notably, over 22 lakh rupees were stolen from transgender individuals in Mingora, over two crore rupees from a handicraft shop in Mingora, and similar incidents in Khwaza Khela have further exacerbated the situation.