In Peshawar Saddar (Cantt), the fire that erupted in the mobile phone market has been successfully brought under control, with 90 percent containment achieved.

Rescue 1122 spokesman Bilal Ahmad Faizi reported that while the upper room of the building is still ablaze, measures are in place to manage the situation.

Efforts are underway to tackle the remaining fire on the upper floor, employing diverse strategies. Routes have been created from nearby buildings at different angles to facilitate smoke dispersal.

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Heavy machinery, including snorkel equipment, is actively involved in cooling and firefighting operations on the roof of the commercial plaza.

A range of methods, such as smog ejectors, are being employed to alleviate fire pressure and dissipate smoke. Over 26 fire brigade vehicles and more than 130 firefighters are diligently working to control the fire. Additional teams and vehicles from neighboring districts have been summoned to reinforce firefighting efforts.