police in Sadda area of Kurram have recovered an abducted baby and arrested three accused including two women.

In a shocking incident in Dera Ismail Khan, terrorists launched a brutal attack on the Daraban police station, resulting in the tragic death of three officials and injuring 16 others.

Initial reports suggest that the assailants employed a car laden with explosives, ramming it into the main gate of the police station. The attack unfolded around 3 am, and as of the latest updates, the situation remains ongoing.

Preliminary information indicates that three individuals lost their lives, while approximately 16 sustained injuries during the gunfire and explosion. Responding swiftly, police and security forces have been dispatched to the Daraban police station. Emergency measures have been enforced in D.I. Khan hospitals to manage the influx of casualties.

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Amid ongoing clashes near the police station, 16 officials have suffered injuries in the attack, necessitating their transfer to Dera Ismail Khan Hospital. The entire Tehsil Daraban area has been cordoned off to contain the situation.

Simultaneously, another act of terrorism unfolded with an attack on Kalachi College in D.I. Khan, resulting in the tragic loss of a security forces soldier. A fierce exchange of gunfire persists as security forces engage with the assailants in the ongoing operation.