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Home Crimes Three-Year-Old Girl Brutally Murdered in Peshawar; Parents Demand Justice

Three-Year-Old Girl Brutally Murdered in Peshawar; Parents Demand Justice

by TNN Editor - 09 Apr, 2024 1753

In a tragic incident within the jurisdiction of Khazana police station in Peshawar, a three-year-old Yemeni girl fell victim to a brutal murder.

According to police reports, unidentified individuals abducted the young girl, named Yemeni, from outside her home in Muslimabad village, Bakshu Pul, Charsada Road, around 2 o'clock on Monday. Subsequently, a case of abduction was lodged at the Khazana police station.

Tragically, the girl's lifeless body was discovered dumped in front of her house at midnight, while the perpetrators managed to evade capture.

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Residents express distress, noting that such incidents have unfortunately become commonplace in the area, yet no significant measures have been taken by law enforcement to address the issue.

The grieving parents of the deceased girl are calling for swift action to apprehend the culprits responsible for their daughter's untimely demise. They urged authorities to prioritize the safety and security of citizens, emphasizing the need for justice to be served promptly in this tragic case.