In a devastating turn of events, Afghanistan’s Herat province has been ravaged by a powerful earthquake, claiming the lives of more than 2,400 individuals and leaving over 9,000 injured. Afghan authorities are gravely concerned about the possibility of the death toll continuing to rise. The 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Herat province has already reduced over 1,500 houses to rubble.

The earthquake severely damaged the region’s infrastructure, and its aftershocks were felt as far as Badghis and Farah provinces. The Deputy Government Spokesman reported that the death toll from the earthquake is alarmingly high, leaving the terrified citizens of Herat taking refuge on the streets.

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On a sad note, Mulla Janan Saiq, spokesperson of the Afghanistan Disaster Management Authority, voiced concerns about the rising death toll, as many people remain trapped beneath the debris.

According to the American Seismological Center, the earthquake’s epicenter was located 40 km northwest of Herat. In the aftermath of the initial quake, there have been eight powerful aftershocks, intensifying the already dire situation.