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In a devastating accident in the Lahore Nala area of Shangla, four members of a single family lost their lives, while a woman sustained injuries when their car veered into a ditch.

Dr. Sanaullah, the Medical Officer at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Bisham, confirmed that the hospital received three deceased individuals and two injured victims. Unfortunately, one of the injured individuals succumbed to their injuries. The remaining injured person has been transferred to Saidu Sharif Hospital Mingora after receiving initial medical attention.

According to information from Rescue 1122, the car was en route from the Lahore suburb of Bisham to Mingora when it tragically plunged into a ditch at Lahore Nala, a short distance from their residence.

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Initially, the accident claimed the lives of three individuals, and one young boy sustained injuries. Regrettably, the injured boy’s condition deteriorated, and he, too, passed away.

Hospital sources identified the deceased as Saranzeb’s mother, daughter, and nephew, underscoring the heart-wrenching toll the accident has taken on a single family.

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