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Unyielding Spirit: One-Legged Hero's Resolve to Rejoin KP Police Force

Shah Saud, a brave police constable recruited in 2006, recalls the harrowing events of December 3, 2010.
by TNN Editor - 04 Aug, 2023 1793

Aftab Mohmand

On August 4, 2010, exactly 13 years ago, the nation mourned the loss of former Additional IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police, Safwat Ghayur, who was tragically martyred in a suicide blast in Peshawar Sadar while on duty.

His sacrifice, however, is not an isolated incident; it is a somber reflection of the hundreds of police personnel and officers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police who have laid down their lives in the relentless war against terrorism in various regions.

The history of sacrifice dates back to 1970, when the first KP police officer embraced martyrdom, and this legacy continues to this day. A staggering estimate reveals that since 1970, a total of 1982 personnel and officers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the country and its people.

To honor the memory of Safwat Ghayur and commemorate the selfless dedication of all fallen heroes, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police observes "Yom e Shuhada e Police" (Police Martyrs' Day) on August 4 every year. This day holds significant importance and is observed with utmost devotion and respect.

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One such hero who bears the scars of terrorism's wrath is 40-year-old Shah Saud from Madina Colony, Bashirabad area of Peshawar. Shah Saud, a brave police constable recruited in 2006, recalls the harrowing events of December 3, 2010. While on patrol in a police mobile, a pre-planted bomb near the Achini breaker claimed the life of his colleague, Shabbir Ahmed, and left several others injured, including Shah Saud himself. He lost a leg in the explosion and underwent a month-long treatment at Hayatabad Medical Complex, during which he fought unconsciousness for seven days.

The ordeal did not end there; Shah Saud faced further health challenges, battling kidney disease after returning home. Eventually, both his kidneys failed, leading to dialysis. However, despite the hardships, Shah Saud remains hopeful and aspires to rejoin police duty after a successful transplant and recovery. He expresses profound gratitude to the police department for their unwavering support since the incident in 2010. As a soldier who has sacrificed greatly in the war against terrorism, he takes immense pride in being part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police.

In recent months, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has witnessed a surge in terrorism-related incidents, with a significant number targeting police personnel. According to a recent report from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, more than 660 incidents of terrorism occurred in the past year, claiming the lives of over five hundred individuals.

Among the affected regions, North Waziristan recorded the highest number of terrorist incidents (140), followed by DI Khan (81), South Waziristan (49), and Peshawar and Bajaur (56). This year alone, 137 brave policemen and officers have made the ultimate sacrifice in their fight against terrorism across the province.

In response to the escalating threat, the Counter-Terrorism Department has conducted over 1100 operations against terrorists in the last 6 months, resulting in the elimination of 140 terrorists. The department also made over 400 militant arrests and seized a substantial amount of arms and explosives.

Praising the unwavering spirit and bravery of the police force, IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Akhtar Hayat Khan acknowledges their extraordinary dedication. Despite limited resources and tools, these fearless officers have fearlessly confronted and neutralized suicide bombers and their sinister intentions. Their sacrifices transcend personal interests, as they lay down their lives for the sake of their soil and country. The peace that prevails in the province today stands as a testament to the courage and valor of these selfless heroes and martyrs.