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Vacant Leadership Positions Paralyze University of Peshawar, Students Suffer

by TNN Editor - 09 May, 2024 1860

The University of Peshawar is grappling with a crisis as the positions of Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor remain vacant, leaving thousands of students in distress. The absence of leadership has triggered a cascade of challenges for students from obtaining degrees to pursuing higher education opportunities and seeking employment overseas.

MPhil scholars Malik Hasnain from the Department of Anthropology and Almanul Haq from the Area Study Center lamented that degrees and transcripts have not been issued to students for the past two and a half months. This delay has prevented many students from pursuing further education or applying for jobs abroad. Additionally, students are encountering obstacles in securing scholarships and fellowships.

Concerns loom large over the possibility of students losing an academic year, which could impede their job prospects and eligibility for competitive exams. Vital decisions, such as study tours and academic approvals, await the appointment of a Vice Chancellor, further exacerbating the plight of students who are currently in a state of limbo.

The ad hoc allocation of additional responsibilities to university officers, including the registrar, treasurer, and provost, has only added to the uncertainty prevailing in the university. Urgent action is needed from relevant authorities, including the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to appoint at least a Pro Vice-Chancellor and mitigate the challenges faced by students.

University spokesperson Muhammad Nauman acknowledged the gravity of the situation, affirming that the absence of leadership has halted various administrative functions, including financial matters. While the university has nominated candidates for the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor, the appointment process is awaiting approval from relevant authorities.

Nauman emphasized the need for immediate action to address the prevailing crisis, underscoring the importance of appointing a Pro Vice-Chancellor to oversee university affairs in the interim. While permanent appointments take time, the appointment of an interim leader is imperative to ensure the university's smooth functioning and mitigate the hardships faced by students.