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Wheat Crop Sabotaged by Poison Spraying in Mohmand District

by TNN Editor - 08 Apr, 2024 1706

In Pindialai Hashim Kor of Mohmand district, unidentified perpetrators wreaked havoc on wheat crops by maliciously spraying them with poison.

Noran Shah, a distressed landowner from Mohmand district's Pindialai Hashim Kaur tehsil, lamented the devastating impact on his livelihood.

Shah, who relies on farming to support his impoverished family, expressed profound dismay: "The wheat crop spanning 10 acres was our lifeline, ensuring sustenance for the family throughout the year. The perpetrators behind this heinous act must face severe consequences."

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Shah recounted how unknown assailants decimated the wheat crop across 5 acres of his land overnight, transforming it into dry fodder. The untimely destruction has inflicted profound anguish and sorrow upon his family, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

The loss of the wheat crop, painstakingly cultivated through year-round toil, has left Shah's family bereft of their primary source of sustenance for the coming year. He called upon the district administration, Mohmand's DPO and other relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation, apprehend the culprits swiftly, and ensure they face appropriate legal repercussions.