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World Press Photo Contest 2023 regional winners announced

World Press Photo Contest 2023 regional winners demonstrate the vital role of Photojournalism.
by TNN Editor - 30 Mar, 2023 1582

Drik Picture Library, the regional partner for Asia of World Press Photo, is proud to jointly announce compelling 2023 Photo Contest regional winners that showcase both prominent and overlooked stories from photojournalists and documentary photographers across every inhabited continent, calling attention to some of the most pressing issues facing the world today - from the devastating documentation of the war in Ukraine and historic protests in Iran to the realities in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and the many faces of the climate crisis in countries ranging from Morocco to Australia to Peru to Kazakhstan.

The 24 winners and six honorable mentions - covering stories from the front lines of conflict, culture, identity, migration, memories of lost past, and glimpses of near and distant futures - were drawn from more than 60,000 entries by 3,752 entrants from 127 countries. The entries were judged first by six regional juries and all winners were chosen by a global jury consisting of the regional jury chairs plus the global jury chair, New York Times photo editor and co-founder of Diversify Photo, Brent Lewis.

[caption id="attachment_674176" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral by Maya Levin[/caption]

This year’s winners for the Asia region are:


Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral by Maya Levin, United States, Associated Press in the SINGLES category; The Price of Peace in Afghanistan by Mads Nissen, Denmark, Politiken/Panos Pictures in the STORIES category; Woman, Life, Freedom by Hossein Fatemi, Iran in the OPEN FORMAT category; and Battered Waters by Anush Babajanyan, Armenia, VII Agency/National Geographic Society in the LONG-TERM PROJECTS category.

Furthermore, two honorable mentions were selected by the global jury: Untitled by Ahmad Halabisaz, Iran, and Faint Light in the Unfinished Building by Weimin Chu, China.

Executive Director of the World Press Photo Foundation, Joumana El Zein Khoury, said: "Selecting these arresting winning images from tens of thousands of entries was a huge task for our independent jurors, all of whom demonstrated profound care, expertise, and passion in reaching their decisions, delivering a stunning and globally balanced view of the past year.

In a world where dozens of journalists are still killed in the line of duty every year, I could not stop thinking about the journeys and risks these photographers - and often, their subjects - take to bring us these images of our world.

I am humbled to present this selection and honored that we will be able to bring the vital stories they tell to millions more people."

[caption id="attachment_674178" align="alignnone" width="1920"] The Price of Peace in Afghanistan by Mads Nissen[/caption]

Jury chair, New York Times photo editor, and co-founder of Diversify Photo, Brent Lewis said: “For me, I was looking for pictures that grab you, and that won't let go. There are images here that let you understand ‘this could be you’. That I can’t get away from. But they also had to represent the world. We saw powerful stories ranging from the conflict in Ukraine, and Afghanistan’s first year under Taliban rule, to oil spillage in Peru and the loss of women’s rights, from the USA to Iran.

The photographs that we have chosen to represent 2022 are indicative of this moment in time and will serve as historical documents of what the year was like for future generations to look back on and hopefully learn from. World Press Photo has, throughout my career, served as a guiding force for what is possible with photography, and it has been my greatest honor and privilege to serve as global jury chair, and hope to pass that guidance on to a new generation.”

Managing Director of Drik Picture Library, Asia region partner, Shahidul Alam said: "Drik was set up to challenge the stereotypical representation of our peoples and cultures. Teaming up with World Press Photo, a hugely respected entity in global photojournalism, does not only allow synergy between these two impressive organizations but also signals a conscious move towards greater diversity and inclusion that photojournalism must embrace."

[caption id="attachment_674179" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Battered Waters by Anush Babajanyan[/caption]

Drik has organized the 2022 World Press Photo Exhibition in November 2022 as well as the judging process for Asia's entries to the 2023 World Press Photo Contest in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Global winners to be announced on 20 April

Four global winners (one per category) are chosen from the regional winners, and these will be announced on 20 April, 11:00 am CEST (Netherlands time) online and, for the first time, at the opening of WPP’s flagship exhibition at the historic De Nieuwe Kerk on Amsterdam’s central square.

This Amsterdam exhibition will open to the public on 22 April before being shown to millions in our annual exhibition in over 60 cities around the world (including Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Taipei, Singapore, Mexico City, Jakarta, Sydney, and Toronto), and will be seen by millions more online.

Winners’ program

The 24 winners are also invited to a program of events in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 9 to 13 May. In addition to the awards celebration, the program will consist of networking events (with photo editors, curators, and festival directors), workshops, presentations, a tour of their winning images on display, and a public “mini-festival” at De Nieuwe Kerk on the final day.

The World Press Photo Foundation

The World Press Photo Foundation is a creative, independent, nonprofit organization, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A global platform that connects photojournalists, documentary photographers, and worldwide audiences through trustworthy storytelling.

World Press Photo was founded in 1955 when a group of Dutch photographers organized a contest (“World Press Photo”) to expose their work to an international audience.

Drik Picture Library

Drik, Bangladesh is an independent media organization committed to challenging social inequality.

Established in 1989, it specializes in art, media, and communication for local and global audiences. Known for its creativity and innovation, this award-winning agency gave rise to the world-renowned photography school, Pathshala; the best-known photo festival in Asia, Chobi Mela, a role model that subsequent festivals in China, India, Singapore, and other Asian countries have been built on; and Majority World, a ‘fair trade’ photo agency.

The pursuit of an egalitarian and non-militaristic world where the dignity of all human beings is valued has been a central principle of Drik. It has done so, by creating a nurturing environment where storytellers, artists, activists, and scholars have been able to speak truth to power and challenge oppression in all forms while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism.