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9 Dead in Tragic Mishaps in Lower Kohistan And Bannu

Rescue teams swiftly responded to the distress call and promptly arrived at the scene.
by TNN Editor - 27 Jun, 2023 1615

Aftab Mohmand

On Tuesday, two separate incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa brought devastation as a passenger car plunged into a deep ditch in Lower Kohistan, resulting in the death of six people and injuries to four others. Meanwhile, in Bannu, the roof of a religious seminary collapsed, claiming the lives of three children and leaving two more injured.

The ill-fated vehicle, according to Rescue 1122, was en route from Bisham to Kolai Palas, resulting in the loss of six precious lives, including that of a woman and a young girl. Additionally, four individuals sustained serious injuries in the tragic accident.

Rescue teams swiftly responded to the distress call and promptly arrived at the scene. Their diligent efforts focused on recovering the deceased and providing medical assistance to the injured victims. The bodies, as well as the wounded, were expeditiously transported to Pattan Tehsil Hospital for further treatment and examination.

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Authorities at the Pattan Hospital revealed that the victims involved in the accident hailed from Qala, Maidan, and Parudat areas. Among the deceased, four individuals have been identified as Noor, Fazal, Jamshed, and Maulana Idris. The injured survivors include Naeem, Mubashra, Shabnam, and Bushra. The news of this devastating incident has left the community in deep mourning and sorrow.

Sajmal Udun, a dedicated journalist from Kohistan, shed light on the hazardous conditions prevalent in the mountainous region. The treacherous roads, challenging terrains, and steep climbs contribute to such unfortunate accidents. Udun highlighted that even on the Karakoram Highway, which traverses through Kohistan, numerous vehicles, including heavy trucks, motorcycles, and passenger vans, have met with tragic fates, plummeting into the depths of the Indus River.

Furthermore, he noted that the drivers of Datsuns, motorcycles, and jeeps in Kohistan lack proper training, leading to a continuous cycle of minor and major accidents. The recent incident at Kolai Pass serves as a grim reminder of this alarming trend. Adding to the woes, Udun lamented the lack of a single district hospital in the three districts of Kohistan—Lower Kohistan, Upper Kohistan, and Kolai Palas. The absence of adequate healthcare facilities often proves fatal for injured individuals, as their treatment primarily depends on tehsil hospitals, Rural Health Centers (RHCEs), and Basic Health Units (BHUs), which are already burdened with limited resources and capacity.

Tragedy in Bannu

In another tragic event, the Bannu district witnessed the collapse of the roof at Abdullah Ibn Masood's religious seminary near Nala Kasho Bridge. The catastrophic incident led to the burial of numerous students under the debris, resulting in the loss of three innocent lives, while two others sustained injuries.

The children who tragically lost their lives were identified as Muhammad Faheem, Mahmood, and Shahzeb, while Saeedullah and Rizwan Khan were among the injured.

Promptly following the incident, the bodies and injured students were swiftly transported to Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital, thanks to the efforts of the diligent rescue teams from Rescue 1122.

A seminary teacher shared that due to the ongoing Eid-ul-Azha holidays, most of the students were away from the premises. Despite the relative youth of the seminary's roof, the unforeseen tragedy struck, exacerbated by recent rainfall.

The area is now enveloped in mourning and grief, with local leaders, political figures, and members of the community extending their condolences and expressing profound sorrow over the incident.