The Afghan government has imposed a ban on TTP fighters, who are residing in Afghanistan, from carrying weapons.

A video of the commander of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issuing instructions to the Taliban in Khost recently went viral on social media. In the video, the military commander stated that no one is allowed to carry weapons from this day forward.

The Afghan commander emphasized that individuals without the official card of the Islamic Emirate should refrain from carrying weapons in the future, highlighting the value of immigrants to the organization.

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Furthermore, the Afghan commander announced a comprehensive ban on wearing uniforms and using black-tinted vehicle windows. He stressed that the Islamic Emirate does not depend on the generosity of others and called for collective compliance.

The Afghan commander clarified that the Emirate is the supreme authority for the region and that they are responsible for ensuring security. He added that those who speak against the Islamic Emirate will face consequences, and no inquiries will be entertained.

The director of anti-crime operations shared that they are installing surveillance cameras in Khost at a cost of 3 million Afghanis, with 15 cameras set to be positioned at crucial locations for enhanced surveillance.