Employees of Agricultural University Peshawar are grappling with financial hardships as the management has not disbursed their September salaries.

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, General Secretary of the Agriculture University Teachers Association, expressed concern over the delay, citing that the administration has linked salary disbursement to government grants. The university currently lacks the funds required for salaries and pensions.

While the administration anticipates the government grant to arrive next week, recent statements by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor have raised doubts about the grant’s prompt release. The delay in salaries has created challenges for employees, affecting household expenses, children’s school fees, utility bills, and more.

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Dr. Ashfaq pointed out the irony of celebrating World Teachers’ Day in the province while teachers are struggling to make ends meet. He also noted that the university failed to release last year’s arrears, and the decision to increase salaries by 30 to 35 percent, made this year, has yet to be implemented at the Agriculture University.

In response, the Agriculture University Teachers Association has issued a warning that they will boycott classes if salary disbursement continues to be delayed.

The university management contends that they have requested a grant from the provincial government for salaries, pensions, and other expenses. They are hopeful that the funds will be received promptly.