The Meteorological Department is forecasting a new series of rainfall for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) starting on Friday, expected to last for five consecutive days.

To prepare for this, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued a directive to all district administrations, urging them to stay vigilant and take preemptive steps. The PDMA has expressed concerns about potential landslides in the upper districts of the province and the likelihood of snowfall in these areas.

Additionally, urban flooding is expected in low-lying regions. The DG PDMA has instructed district administrations to ensure the availability of small heavy machinery and monitor storm drains.

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Citizens are advised to stay away from power lines, unstable structures, signboards, and billboards during the storm. Tourists and residents in sensitive highlands should monitor weather conditions and adopt precautionary measures.

Furthermore, the PDMA emphasizes the importance of conveying messages to the local population in sensitive districts in their local languages. In case of road closures during emergencies, all relevant agencies are urged to maintain road links and establish alternative routes for traffic.

Passengers traveling on provincial and national highways in sensitive areas should be alerted in advance. Authorities should ensure the timely relocation of people to safe waiting areas and the availability of emergency service personnel. Tourists must also be informed about the weather conditions.