Mehrab Afridi

In a recent development, an appeal has been made to ban the participation of transgender individuals and the practice of aerial firing during marriages and other events in the Khyber Landikotal district.

The call came during a meeting held at Landikotal Sheikhmal Khel Alam Khani House, where senior Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader Sahibzada Pir Muhammad Umar Banoori urged the government to enforce a strict prohibition on transgender programs and aerial firing in the area.

During the event, Sahibzada Pir Muhammad Umar Banoori emphasized that scholars in the Landikotal area, in collaboration with the district administration and other leaders, will take practical steps to eradicate this issue.

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He appealed to higher authorities, local leaders, and scholars to implement effective measures to ban transgenders’ participation and aerial firing at weddings and other gatherings, aiming to discourage such practices among the local population.

Sahibzada Pir Muhammad Umar Banoori further emphasized that strict action will be taken against anyone found engaging in such activities in the future. Violators will face legal consequences at both the government and tribal levels.

The collective effort of authorities, community leaders, and scholars is crucial to eradicating this practice and ensuring compliance with the proposed ban in the area, he furthered.

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