In Khyber district, unidentified assailants targeted police personnel assigned to guard a polio vaccination team, resulting in the tragic death of one officer.

The incident occurred on Friday in Nala Khwar, where miscreants opened fire on the policemen returning from polio security duty. Police officer Siddique lost his life due to the gunfire.

In response, the police engaged the attackers, leading to the swift elimination of a terrorist at the scene. Following the incident, a substantial police force and officers promptly arrived, securing the area and initiating a search operation.

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This incident follows a recent attack in Bannu, where a police officer on polio duty was injured in a similar firing incident. Last day, while on the way for polio duty along Mundan Road, unidentified armed assailants suddenly opened fire, causing serious injuries to the dedicated policeman.

Just two days ago, another police officer on polio duty in Bannu fell victim to gunfire by unknown persons. In the BHU Zarwam area of Surani, assailants fired upon Abdul Hameed, an officer on duty, causing injuries. The recurring attacks on polio security teams underscore the challenges faced in safeguarding public health initiatives.