Salman Khan

In Bannu, another police officer on polio campaign security duty was injured by unknown assailants. Head Constable Muhammad Ashraf Khan was shot by unidentified motorcyclists on Mundan Road, sustaining serious injuries.

Ashraf Khan, en route to polio duty, was suddenly attacked, and the assailants escaped. Police are actively searching for the suspects, and the injured officer was taken to Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital, with his condition critical and the possibility of referral to Peshawar.

This incident follows yesterday’s shooting of a police officer on polio duty in Bannu. Over the last ten days, there have been four instances of armed attacks on police posts and personnel in the region.

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The first incident saw unknown miscreants attacking Pasina Tangi police station with small and large weapons, causing partial damage but no loss of life. Another incident resulted in the death of an Ababeel squad officer and severe injuries to another officer due to firing by unknown motorcyclists near Mundan police station.

During the ongoing polio campaign, unknown armed individuals fired at a police officer near the Torka market in the Surani area, injuring Abdul Hameed. Today’s incident marks the latest in a series of attacks, raising concerns about the safety of security personnel involved in the polio vaccination efforts in Bannu.