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Bannu: Young Man Killed and Body Set on Fire Over Alleged Dog Killing

Umair, the accused and son of Zafar Iqbal resident of Sarwar Ghazni Khel, also met his fate during the police operation.
by TNN Editor - 27 May, 2023 1579

In a tragic incident in Bannu, a young man was killed by another man for allegedly killing his pet dog. The accused, identified as Umair, not only took the life of Shaqiyaz but also resorted to a horrifying act by setting his body on fire after sprinkling petrol on it.

The disturbing incident unfolded in the Sarwar Ghazni Khel Daks Khel area of Bannu. Umair, the owner of the dog, carried out an act of violence against Shaqiyaz, resulting in his death. Furthermore, Umair refused to cooperate with the authorities and refused to hand over the burnt body and the weapons involved in the crime.

Despite repeated requests and the passage of time, Umair remained defiant and did not surrender the body to the police. Consequently, the police were left with no choice but to confront Umair in an encounter, which resulted in his demise. Umair, the son of Zafar Iqbal resident of Sarwar Ghazni Khel, met his fate during the police operation.

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This heart-wrenching incident of murder unfolded in the bustling Sarwar Ghazni Khel Bazar Ahmed Khan, falling within the jurisdiction of the Cantt police station. The accused, after taking the life of the young man, resorted to the horrifying act of pouring petrol on the victim's body and setting it ablaze. The motive behind the crime was allegedly the accused's belief that Shaqiyaz had killed his dog.

Prior to this tragic event, the now-deceased Umair had also been involved in stabbing two DSB officials in the crowded market of Lakki Gate.

The police spokesperson stated that despite repeated requests from the police officials, the accused adamantly refused to hand over the body. In an attempt to save himself, the accused opened fire on the police party, prompting the police to take immediate action and neutralize the threat.

Expressing his concerns, Syed Sulaiman Ghaznavi Advocate, in an interview with TNN, highlighted the alarming level of intolerance prevailing in society. Trivial matters, he said, are now costing precious lives, leading to increased chaos within the community. He emphasized the need for proactive measures from the police department and the government to address such heart-wrenching incidents.

Ghaznavi urged for the promotion of tolerance and engagement of youth in positive activities to counteract this growing trend.

The incident has left the residents of the area gripped with fear and anxiety.