In the quiet village of Baba Ji in Risalpur, Nowshera, a gruesome discovery shook the community as the lifeless body of a woman was uncovered in a sugarcane field.

The police revealed that the unidentified victim had been subjected to torture, hanging, and multiple gunshot wounds. Shockingly, after enduring brutality, she was tied in a sack and thrown away in the field.

The grim incident came to light when a local landowner, tending to the sugarcane harvest, detected a foul odor at the scene. Alerting villagers, he promptly informed the Risalpur police. SHO Risalpur Police Station, Inspector Haji Muhammad, stated that the victim’s body appeared to be four to five months old. Notably, a rope around the neck and the victim’s slippers were found alongside the deceased.

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The police suspect this heinous act could be an honor killing, a prevailing issue in such cases. The unidentified woman’s body was transferred to the District Headquarters Hospital Nowshera for a post-mortem examination, with NADRA officials collecting DNA and fingerprint samples.

A missing persons report has been initiated in Nowshera, Mardan, Peshawar, and Charsadda districts, indicating a broader investigative scope. Unfortunately, even after the post-mortem, the victim remains unidentified, and she was laid to rest in the official cemetery. Risalpur police station registered a murder case against the unknown assailant responsible for the tragic fate of the unidentified victim.