Official results for Bajaur constituencies PK-20 and PK-21 have been unveiled, showcasing a dramatic shift in outcomes. Initially, victorious candidates from Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana Waheed Gul, and Sardar Khan faced defeat, while PTI’s Anwarzeb Khan and Ajmal Khan emerged victorious after the recounting of Form 45.

In the revised results, PTI-backed independent candidate Anwar Zeb Khan triumphed in PK-20 with 12,917 votes, leaving PML-N’s Shahabuddin Khan at 6,969 votes in second place, and Jamaat-e-Islami’s Maulana Waheed Gul in third with 6,909 votes.

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Similarly, independent candidate Engineer Ajmal Khan, supported by PTI in PK-21, secured victory with 16,712 votes, surpassing Jamaat-e-Islami’s Sardar Khan, who came second with 8,128 votes. PTI’s independent candidate Ajmal Khan clinched the PK-21 seat with 8,584 votes.

The PTI workers staged a three-day protest in Civil Colony Khar against alleged tampering of election results in PK-20 and PK-21, which was resolved through the efforts of Eng. Shaukatullah Khan and other Jirga members. It was decided that PTI would pursue its rights in court, withholding Forms 47 and 49 until then.

Upon PTI’s request, a recount of Form 45 was conducted in the presence of all candidates, leading to the successful declaration of Anwarzeb Khan in PK-20 and Engineer Ajmal Khan in PK-21.