As the general elections approach in the Mardan district, a peculiar electoral strategy unfolds where candidates from major political parties decide to contest from constituencies other than their own.

Notably, figures like PTI’s Ali Muhammad Khan, JUIF’s Azam Khan, and ANP’s Ahmed Khan Bahadur are opting for a strategic game plan, competing in areas distinct from their residential zones.

With 42 candidates, including two females, competing for the three National Assembly seats, and 105 candidates, including two female contenders, in the Provincial Assembly elections, a noteworthy trend emerges. Ali Muhammad Khan, originally from NA-21, is now contesting in NA-23, while Azam Khan from NA-22 runs for NA-21.

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This electoral maneuvering extends to Provincial Assembly candidates, with examples like Adnan Khan, who typically represents PK-59 but is now contesting from PK-55. Similarly, PTI’s Iftikhar Ali Mashwani and PML-N’s Mumtaz Mohmand are strategically choosing constituencies beyond their own.

However, this calculated move raises the point that these candidates will cast their votes, but not in the constituencies they essentially belong to. This unique electoral tactic comes at the cost of forfeiting the opportunity to vote on their home turf, where 1,538,258 individuals are set to exercise their voting rights for both national and provincial assembly seats in the Mardan district on February 8.