In adherence to the directives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Sardar Ali Amin Gandapur, the distribution of 10,000 rupees has commenced among over 800,000 deserving families across the province. The funds are being transferred directly to the accounts of these families.

Ahmed Faraz Mughal, the Media Coordinator for the KP Chief Minister, informed TNN that previously, the government provided rations to deserving families during Ramadan. However, this year marks a departure from the norm, with Chief Minister Ali Amin’s directive to transfer 10,000 rupees per family online.

The recipients include households registered under the Benazir Income Support Program and Ehsaas Program, totaling approximately 800,000 families. Notably, the Chief Minister emphasized extending aid to deserving families not registered under these programs.

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To ensure comprehensive coverage, Sardar Ali Amin Gandapur instructed all provincial assembly members to conduct immediate surveys of unregistered families in their constituencies. These surveys, ongoing presently, aim to include all deserving families.

Subsequently, the cash aid is being transferred online to these households. Ahmed Faraz stated that over 50 percent of the funds have already been disbursed, with the remaining families set to receive their aid soon.

This initiative entails disbursing billions of rupees to deserving families transparently and based on merit. Departing from the practice of distributing rations, the decision to provide cash aims to empower recipients to procure items according to their requirements.

For unregistered families, a streamlined registration process has been implemented, overseen by 10-member committees formed by MPAs at the union council level. These committees, comprising local representatives and elders, ensure accurate reporting and eligibility determination.

To maintain transparency, oversight committees have been established to monitor the registration process. Each MPA has been tasked with identifying up to 1,000 unregistered families within their constituencies.

Under the Chief Minister’s directives, all deserving families will receive the Ramadan package online, ensuring timely assistance during the holy month. Ali Amin Gandapur remains committed to extending this service to all deserving households across the province.